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                               YOUR ENERGY MODULAR HOUSING
The construction system designed by VIVIENDA NATURAL aims to reduce air conditioning energy consumption by at least 90%, which means savings in the monthly cost of homes. passively controlling the indoor climate in relation to the surroundings, keeping the reference to traditional local building solutions.

Container house or container house: what is it? A container house, also called a "container house", is a modular construction made up of several maritime containers, new or used, linked together by a metal frame. Used in China in the 1990s as temporary housing, then to build student residences in the early 2000s in the Netherlands, container houses have gradually become an essential building concept in contemporary architecture. When it is intended to convert them into homes, these containers are reinforced in the workshop, and their interior and exterior surfaces are insulated. They can then be installed at the site intended for this purpose. Depending on the chosen exterior finish, the industrial appearance of the containers can become partially or totally invisible. If today there are more and more single-family container homes, this type of construction is also suitable for collective housing (student residences, social housing, etc.) or premises for professional use (offices, shops, restaurants, data-centers, etc.) sanitary block, recording studio ...). Note: it is also possible to use containers as part of an extension or elevation of the house.

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