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Nowadays there are new systems to build houses that are very different from traditional methods, which in addition to being a more sustainable alternative, are also cheaper, and allow, at the same time, a much more efficient use of energy.

Socially, in Spain, we are still far from integrating this type of construction in our culture, since we associate the term prefabricated with low quality and cheapness, but the truth is that they have a very wide range of possibilities, and great quality.

The current demand is allowing the market to have a great supply with all kinds of alternatives, and it is already very common to see prefabricated homes, both for private and industrial constructions. We see modular constructions in shops, summer houses, rustic mountain houses, shelters, private houses, some buildings, industrial warehouses, etc.

Energy efficiency in manufactured homes

This type of housing usually offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, for this reason, some studies indicate that modular houses can save around 75% or 80% of energy. This efficiency translates into great energy savings, which both in winter and summer can mean very significant financial savings.

The modular or prefabricated construction model helps to reduce the carbon footprint, and its energy efficiency is much higher compared to traditional methods, which is why many countries are already introducing them in a very common way in their environments.

Self-consumption in modular homes

The culture of prefabricated construction and renewable energies go hand in hand, that is why it is very common to find modular houses with self-consumption systems such as aerothermal energy or solar panels.

Prefabricated houses are usually very ergonomic, their energy demand is lower, and Both in isolated solar installations, as in installations connected to the grid , the energy and economic savings are very substantial.

Putting solar panels in prefabricated or modular house

Putting solar panels in modular homes is usually easier than in traditional homes, due to the simple fact that these types of homes are usually located on spacious grounds, and a solar panel installation requires a large surface area.

Manufacturers of manufactured homes, as a general rule, usually have pre-installed systems to put solar panels at home, making the installation of photovoltaic panels much easier.

The economic and energy saving of putting solar panels in prefabricated modular houses allows to amortize the investment in a short time, which means that we will pay much less on the electricity bill, especially if we calculate it in the long term, making the photovoltaic installation profitable.

Considering that it is a good or a bad investment depends on the needs that each of us have and the use that we are going to give the prefabricated house, a private house is not the same as a store, or a rural shelter, although we must take into account Note that, if we are going to use it regularly, at least during some time of the year, putting solar panels at home will always be a good option.

Modular houses respect the environment, are usually built with reusable materials, and their production hardly generates waste, reducing the impact caused by waste and debris. From ARTENERSOL we can design a solar study for you, where we will show you all the consumption, saving and energy efficiency data, request a study without obligation.

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