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When we talk about renewable energies, we refer to clean energies that contribute to caring for the environment.

Our company takes special care to respect this ideal, contributing from the beginning of the supply chain of our products.

All our departments aim to maintain environmental sustainability.

The suppliers we work with comply with our environmental requirements, creating together a philosophy of sensitivity to our natural environment.

Our field assembly equipment complies with the action protocol provided by our code of ethics, to minimize environmental impact.


ASTENESOL, has a division specialized in manufacturing equipment and production means for industrial plants.  

To submit to current regulatory scrutiny, relentless production schedules, and fierce competition make it even more important that our customers' facilities are more efficient and innovative.

Our company has manufactured equipment for the hydraulic sector, paper factories, water treatment, combined cycle quarries, etc.


ASTENESOL develops and manufactures machinery helping companies to improve their production system based on product needs and with the aim of reducing costs

Among the machinery designs for the industrial sector that we have manufactured are:

  • Galvanized plant bag filters

  • Vibrators for Litter Bins

  • Vibrators for foundries

  • Finished product stacking machines

  • Space presses

  • Conveyor trolleys

  • Hook Making Machine

  • Robotic welding equipment

  • Profile torso machine

  • Multiple punching machine

  • Special conveyor belts

  • Grinding Mills

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